Sebastian Lom is a professional photographer specialising in music, event and commercial photography.
Based in Mallorca, Spain, but offering his services globally, he is known for delivering timeless and engaging images for website use, marketing campaigns and social media platforms.
Having started as a contributor in a music & art collective, he quickly stepped up to work with local and international artists in major venues in his area including the Auditorium de Palma de Mallorca and Trui Theatre, as well as working with local public institutions in a variety of events.
Over the last two years he has worked as the main photographer for the popular nordic folk band Wardruna during several of their shows in Germany, Greece, Sweden and The Netherlands.
Photography can evoke emotions, portray values, and showcase identities. Having a cohesive and well curated online presence is key to establishing a strong and lasting connection with your audience.

Whether locally or abroad, a one-day project or a longer term vision, Sebastian can help you to capture the image that best represents you, your business, or your event. 
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